Galactic Hot Dogs Is Now At Your Local Bookstore!

Galactic Hot Dogs is now available at your local book store! Big congrats to Rachel Maguire and Max Brallier. Although I have been a professional artist for a while now, being able to buy something I created in a store has a special kind of feeling. Want your own copy? No problem, pick it up at Amazon.


Long Time No See

It has been way too long since I have updated this blog, and I apologize. This is something I have been meaning to change for a long time, so finally I decided to do something about it. Originally I only wanted to post personal work here, but recently I have realized that work doodles can be fun too and are often lost. So here it goes, work doodles!



Jungle color comp. Hope to finish it some day.


Fat Dog

A little doodle I did at work way long ago.


Do I know you

Another small painting I did for "Get Your Freak On."


You Need A Breath Mint

A piece I did for a recent gallery I was in.  Done in watercolor.
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