Clam Cutout

Here's another cutout I started.  Hope I don't get bored too fast.



A lot of times I have a hard time coming up with ideas.  I have vague thoughts in my head, but usually don't follow through with them.  An idea I came up with was to make pre-paneled comic pages, then just fill in the squares day by day.  That way instead of brainstorming a story, it would just form itself.  Anyway, here is an image for this idea.  It might just be another something I plan, but never finish.  Maybe something will come of it?  Maybe if I post my panels, other people will help me form this story?  Any helpers?

Online Shop

Tonight I reactivated my Etsy shop (I love Etsy!).  Check out the link to the right.  I while back I set this up on my website, but I'm thinking about redoing my website completely.  For now I thought I'd put a link up here and see how I do.  If there is something you see that isn't in my shop drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.  Also, if you're looking for something new and original, feel free to contact me for commissions.


Painting in Progress

So I'm working on a new painting.  I just started using oils again.  In some ways it's a LOT nicer... In other ways it's frustrating.  Here's my painting in progress so far.  The lighting is AWEFUL, and the glare was tough to deal with.  Anyway, thought I'd share.  I think the next one might be the boogie monster, teehee.
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