Harry Potter Print

I found this cute little frame at an art store not too long ago and had to get it. Not until yesterday did I think of something to draw to put in it. It is now available at my online shop. See link to the right. Enjoy!



Who knew trees could be so much fun?  

I got a new sketchbook this weekend to help me keep all my drawings in one place.  It was way more than I wanted to spend, but I bought one with watercolor paper, hoping it'll push me to add some color to my sketches (xerox paper doesn't lend well to wet media).  Now, I don't normally like sketchbooks because of the textured paper (you know the kind), but I have to say I am surprised how much I'm liking this paper.  Today's post is a page out of my shiny new sketchbook!  I did slightly shift a few things around in photoshop so they weren't falling off the edge.  Oh, and I may have accidentally deleted the doodles I didn't like... maybe ; D


older doodles

Here are some older sketches I found while cleaning up a bit last night. The astronaut was inspired by Thom Glick.  His stuff is AWESOME!



I also found this on my hard drive.  Although it's really old, I still like it.  Looking back now, I wouldn't have done it in photoshop, but  I didn't know illustrator then.

random doodles

I didn't like how my last post came out.  I think I'll try my best not to put my doodles in rows anymore.  I went to MOCCa last weekend which was awesome!  (although NY is not awesome.)  So I have some new art that inspires me : )

Also, I found this on my hard drive recently.  It's my cat Heinrich when he was a baby.  Isn't he so cute!


Mansion Show

Over the last month I've been painting for the Mansion Show, at The Beebe Estate, in Melrose.  Opening night is this Friday June 5th, at 7pm.  This is one of the pieces that I have entered.  (It's much better in real life.)  You should check it out.  Thanks Chris and Rachel for getting me involved.
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